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Virtual Production Workshops

To get Indie studios up and running with Virtual Production with little budget.

 – 10 hour course

Live-Performance Lab

Maker Workshops

TWe will have subsequent Maker workshops specific to culture and artistic event.  

  • Part of mini-event series.  Range of workshops from the travelling band of makers. 


Music Data Analysis  | AR Development | Dance and Expression Art Therapy | Poetry  |  Film Making |  Circus Acrobatics  |  Virtusl Production  |  3D Digital Art Creation |  Green Living |   


Remote Production Vehicle

What it is

An electric sprinter van converted to serve remote production needs. It will be equipped with high powered PCs and virtual production sensors, trackers and drives. 


The virtual Production Van will provide safety support for the Biker team that crosses Europe and film their journey through 36-countries, 36 performances, and 360+ events these next 3 years.


Custom high powered PCs. 360-degree cameras and volume-capture sensors, and microphones mounted in and outside of van.  Satellite connectivity, mirrored drive storage devices, lighting, grip, virtual AV devices.

Teaching Virtual Production 

in the workshops

How to get up and running on minimal budget  |  PC Hardware, Trackers, Base-stations  |  How Vitual Production can  serve films  |  Game engine creative flexibility  |  Blueprints and event graphs  |  SFX basics, particle engine  |  Environment building and landscapes  |  Lighting and atmospheres  |  3D audio and sound design   |  Motion capture, animation workflow  |  UI and HUDs  |  Packaging and shipping apps

Carbon Emissions Reductions

Resources and Research



 We teach 360 studios across EU to make films with virtual production.

When they substitute 2 productions per year with the equipment and knowledge we give them, the reduce their CO2 emissions by 4 tonnes each.  360 studios in year one, teach 1 new studio each year virtual production, which will equate to 720 studios in year two and 2,880 tonnes of CO2 saved.

2 tonne CO2 per production.  2x production per studio per year.   360 studios  = 720x 4 tonnes co2 = 2,880 tonnes in year 1, and by year 10 we assume every studio teaches one other studio virtual production  = 

TOTAL More than 2.2 million tonnes of CO2 not exhausted in first 10 years

Year 11  2.2m more

By Year 12 TOTAL =  4,400,000 CO2 tonnes saved